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Central PA Basement Renovations with the “Wow Factor”

If you’re a homeowner with an unfinished basement, there are many reasons why you should consider renovating it. First and foremost, an unfinished basement could be a breeding ground for mold, which thrives best in a damp, dark environment. Mold inside your home could be a health hazard, as it’s been linked to many types of allergic reactions and respiratory-related illnesses. Many homeowners who have mold in their basement don’t even know they do because it can lurk inside walls and other hidden areas.

Second, renovating your basement is a cost-effective way to greatly expand your home’s living space. Remodeling your basement can also help you improve your home’s insulation for increased energy savings. If it’s time you thought about a basement renovation in South Central PA, Dougherty Construction would welcome the opportunity to help you transform your basement into one that has the “wow factor” your home’s been missing all these years.

renovated home basement

Top Basement Finishing Ideas that Add Value

Don’t let a dark unused basement intimidate you. With proper planning and expert craftsmanship, this space can become your most valuable space in the home.

  • An Open Layout – This tip is especially useful if you plan to resell your home. Keeping an open layout in the basement allows more possibilities for the usage of the space. It can also make the space appear and feel bigger than what it is. If storage is one of the reasons you need to finish your basement, consider adding a smaller storage room off the main basement space.
  • Add a bathroom – If you use the space regularly for entertaining, as a guest room, or a children’s playroom, consider adding a bathroom. This will be convenient for guests while entertaining but also add much value.
  • Close off storage spaces – You don’t have to sacrifice your storage area, but if you wall off a section and add a door, you can keep that clutter out of sight. Consider having shelves installed while you’re at it, as this will keep that space as organized as possible.
  • Let there be light – Proper lighting is very important in a basement where natural light is little or nonexistent. Consider replacing the windows if they don’t allow much light or adding smart lighting that will make the room feel open and less dark.

Breathe New Life into Your Unfinished Basement Today

Basement renovations are no small undertaking, but you can rest assured that Dougherty Construction is up to the task. Contact us today to request a free basement renovation estimate in South Central PA. From Carlisle and Camp Hill to Harrisburg and New Cumberland, we’ve helped countless families breathe new life into their unfinished or outdated basements. From start to finish, you can count on us to guide you completely through your next home renovation.

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